Getting to know “Heavy Heart,” next in the 7″ series from Jade Tree

May 3, 2012

Dave Hause tells us about his new series of 7″s, each on a different record label. The second of this series is coming out on Jade Tree on May 29.


“Heavy Heart”
“Rankers & Rotters”
“Skips a Beat (Over You)” (originally by the Promise Ring)
“Psalm” (originally by Jets to Brazil)

Jade Tree to release Heavy Heart 7″ on May 29

April 18, 2012

I met the guys who run Jade Tree in 1998, when I was selling T shirts for Kid Dynamite. It was one of those friendships you inadvertently start that really changes your life.

Tim and Darren have been friends ever since, and the music they put out of the years has always been consistently amazing and the aesthetic they bring to everything they do certainly has had a big influence on me. I’m extremely proud to release this Heavy Heart 7″

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Introducing Resolutions, the SideOneDummy Record Store Day 7″

April 3, 2012

Dave Hause tells us about his new series of 7″s, each on a different record label. The first in this series will be a Record Store Day release through SideOneDummy. Buy it exclusively an independent record store on April 21, 2012.

“The River” (originally by Audra Mae)
“Whistles the Wind” (originally by Flogging Molly)

Bridge Nine 7″ to be released June 19th

March 19, 2012

Hi all. Look, I love Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams and Nick Drake as much as the next guy, but I was in Paint It Black for god’s sake. I love hardcore punk and I’m honored to have Bridge Nine Records release a 7″ of my solo music. They are great people who have done a tremendous job bringing the world some of the best angry music for over a decade. See you in the pit. I’ll be the guy with the acoustic guitar.


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7″ series coming soon

March 5, 2012

I released Resolutions last year, which is a full blown studio record with all the bells and whistles. I toured all over the world, playing the vast majority of the shows with just an acoustic guitar. People responded extremely positively to the record, but many folks asked if I would be releasing any versions of the songs the way I mostly performed them live, truly solo, just me and a guitar. It got me thinking that it would

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February 24, 2012

and writing…lots of new songs…lots of new music later this year…that’s the update…back to writing….

Cory Branan Tour / Free MP3

November 29, 2011

Just a few days away from taking off on tour with Cory Branan. For those who don’t have tickets yet, go out and get them. You can see all of the dates here.

And just in time for the tour, the folks at FUSE are giving away an mp3 of C’mon Kid. You can download the track from their site by clicking here.


July 21, 2011

Hey folks.
First of all, I’m sorry for not keeping up to date with this website announcement thing. I’m sitting at my manager’s house in LA about to head over to the Troubadour for the 2nd of 2 shows there with Alkaline Trio, and he indicated to me that the last time I updated this website was April, much to my chagrin. Blame my Twitter account. It’s an instant way to communicate that takes 140 characters, whereas these updates take

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Death & Taxes…4/18…

April 18, 2011

4/18 update…Death and Taxes…

Greetings from Newport Kentucky. We kicked off the Dave Hause, Mikey Erg, Ian Graham tour on Friday night with a bang in Pittsburgh, what a great response. 2 intimate shows in the Ohio area (Columbus and last night in Newport, Kentucky, Cincinatti’s neighbor) and today is a day off before 14 shows straight. We’re having a blast, so much so that Mikey Erg got arrested last night and thrown in the drunk tank.

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April 8 update…

April 8, 2011

Oh my…

I really need to update the website more often, it’s just that I got so busy with touring (unfortunately without a laptop, any Apple whizzes out there that can help me fix my Powerbook? Email *protected email*) that it became increasingly difficult to write updates.  That said, here we go…

The eastern Canadian tour I did in March with The Grey Kingdom was just fantastic.   Spencer is a great songwriter and really funny guy who puts on a tremendous show. His

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